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Collecting Donations

Hours: Approx 1 hour per week, collections on Wednesdays

Each week we are collecting portable snacks, drinks and toiletries from churches to support vulnerable women on the streets. Could you help us collect these each week on a Wednesday and then liaise with our staff to arrange delivery to Mansfield House police station?

Security Contact Volunteer


1 hour fortnightly

Our wonderful security team play a vital role in our indoor outreach visiting by being available at the end of the phone for us to check in and check out safely. You just need a clear phone line for the duration of the visit and a flexible schedule on a visiting day. 

Click here for a role description

Volunteer Parlour Outreach Worker


3-4 hours a week fortnightly plus training

Commitment: One year minimum

We are looking for highly relational and reliable volunteers to join our Indoor outreach visiting team. At the moment we are unable to go into most venues and spend longer amounts of time with women, but we are able to deliver gifts and spend time chatting and offering prayer at the door. Could you join our team in supporting women working in indoor prostitution?

This role is only open to female applicants

Click here for a role description

Volunteer Street Outreach Worker


3-4 on a Friday late night, frequency TBA

Commitment: One year minimum

As we look to launching a permanent street outreach programme in the new year, we are looking for a brand new team to join us! Could you join us on a Friday night in taking snacks, basic supplies and the offer of prayer to women working on the streets?

This role is only open to female applicants

Click here for a role description

Volunteer Netreach Support Worker


2 hours fortnightly

We are developing our online outreach programme and looking for new volunteers who could join us online to support the Netreach Coordinator. In this role you will take notes during each online session and support the Coordinator who will make phone calls to women. Although this role doesn’t involve direct contact with women, you will be exposed to graphic content.

This role is only open to female applicants

Click here for a role description

Volunteer Prayer Coordinator


2-3 per week

Prayer is absolutely central to the work we do at Saffires and the foundation on which we build. Do you have a passion and gift for prayer? We are looking for a volunteer who can lead the prayer life of Saffires, including organising prayer meetings and events, liaising with prayer supporters, and making sure that prayer continues to be an everyday reality for our team.

Volunteer Communications Assistant

Hours: Approx 2-3 hours per week

Do you have a creative flair for communicating in a digital format? Could you help us improve how we communicate about our work with supporters, churches, and volunteers? We are looking for a Communications Assistant to support our Communications Coordinator with creating and posting social media content, as well as tightening up our internal and external communications and branding.

Volunteer Designated Safeguarding Lead


Approx 10-12 hours per month

Safeguarding our clients and our team is a crucial part of our work and we are committed to excellence in this area. We are looking to recruit a skilled DSL to take the lead on training our staff and volunteers, keep abreast of legislation and relevant case studies, and to process disclosures and referrals. Relevant experience is essential to this role.

This page features a list of our current volunteer and paid opportunities. At Saffires we are committed to building a team of individuals who are passionate about the women we serve and so we focus on people rather than roles. Whilst we have roles that need filling, if you're interested in getting involved in the work we do but don't see anything on the list below that appeals to you, we would still love to chat to you and find out what makes you tick and how we can use your gifts to support our work.

To find out more about how you can get involved, please contact us!



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Support volunteer roles

Collecting donations


Outreach volunteer roles

Security Contact

Parlour Outreach Worker

Street Outreach Worker

Netreach Support Worker


Core Volunteer Roles

Prayer Coordinator

Communications Assistant

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Collecting Donatons
Parlour Outrach Worker
Street Outreach Worker
Prayer Coordinator
Comms Assistant
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