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Dealing with Disappointment

Song of the week

Bible Verse and Reflection

David was someone in the Bible who had to deal with a lot of disappointment. His life didn’t always go to plan but he was able to be honest with God about how he felt and you can too. David cries out to God in this Psalm:

Psalm 6:3-4 - “My soul is in deep anguish. How long, Lord, how long. Turn, Lord, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love.”

David also says this in another Psalm later on:

Psalm 34:18 - “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

David is open to God about his own disappointment and later on says that God is close to the brokenhearted. He doesn't say that God will immediately make us happy but he does say that God is with us.

  1. Is there anything in your life that you are disappointed about? Try talking to God about how that makes you feel.

  1. What do you think of God having an unfailing love for you?

  1. Do you think that God is close to you when you are disappointed? why?/why not?

Turning Things Around

Here are some ways that can help you when you are dealing with disappointment in your life. Take some time today to try some of these out.

  1. Talk to someone close to you - Sometimes when disappointment stays in your head it can get worse but being able to talk to a trusted person can help you find a way to express how you feel and bring comfort to the situation. Often we can feel like we are alone in how we feel but talking to others reminds us we are not alone.

  2. Put pen to paper - Share your thoughts in a journal. Again, getting our feelings out of our heads and onto paper can be such a relief.

  3. Look to the future - Ask yourself what change you would like to see in the future? You can also write this down in a journal to turn back to and remind yourself of the change you would like to see.

  4. Talk to God - In the Bible and reflection section we read about God being close to the disappointed. You can talk to him today and ask him to show you where he is when we are feeling that way.

Journal Tip

Write out the things you are disappointed about and then write down the things you can be positive about. This can help us to counteract the disappointment with the positives in our lives.

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