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Song of the Week

Bible Verse and Reflection

Isaiah 54:10 - “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my promise of peace be removed, Says the Lord who has compassion on you.”

In this verse in the Bible God promises peace and love for you. Here are some steps to respond to what this verse is saying:

  1. What mountains do you have in your life?

  2. God says that whatever struggles you face, his love for you and peace is always available. How do you feel about that?

  3. Pray to God. Use the tool below to help you.

How to Pray

"God I have some hard situations in my life. I need your peace in these situations.. Please give me your peace and help me to know your love for me."

Its ok to be emotional!

I have found myself being very emotional at this time during lockdown. There is so much uncertainty and doubt as to what is going to happen. But I want to encourage you that you are NOT ALONE! And that it’s ok to have a cry or eat all the chocolate in the house. Sometimes we need to let the emotions out to help us feel better!

If you have been feeling particularly anxious at this time and need someone to talk to we would be happy to chat. Contact us through the Chat function on our website or through Alternatively if you would like to chat to someone on the phone you can contact Lifelinks Leicester free phone line on 0800 0234 575 or Leicester Samaritans on 0330 094 5717.

Embrace Emotion

Tears, tears go away don’t come back another day.

As I say it they come out more and I know I have lost the war.

To embrace my tears is to say I am free, to release all that has been bubbling in me.

At last I have come to the end of the cry. But somehow I feel much better inside.

God be with me in my pain, in the drought and in the rain.

Now I have let out all my feelings, grant me your love, your peace, in my being.

- Katy

Journal Tip of the Week

How are you feeling about everything right now? Write a list of words that describe how you feel. It may help you to understand more about what's in your head! It may also help to get it out of your head and down on paper.

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